Wild Rose Registry

Alberta Corporate Registries requires all Alberta corporations to file an annual return. This annual return is different from your corporate returns with the federal and provincial government taxations. Before the anniversary of the corporation, the Alberta government will email your reminder notice to the email address provided in your previous annual return or at the time of incorporation. If there are any changes to the corporation, please make sure you bring the changes with you. For example: address, shareholders or directors. If you do not have the reminder notice from the government, we can still process the annual return without it. We will require the name of the company or the corporate access number. The annual return must be filed in person in the registry office or via email. The person that is coming in or emailing to file the paperwork, must have signing authority and a position in the company. Once we have electronically filed the paperwork, you will receive your proof of filing immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to file your annual return for 2 years in a row, the government will dissolve your Alberta Corporation. To avoid paying the revival fee, we suggest you file your annual return on the anniversary of your incorporation date.