Wild Rose Registry

When a vehicle comes into the province, you will be required to undergo safety screening for the federal government and the provincial. The federal inspection is regulated by www.RIV.ca. This website will give you all the information regarding compliance for all vehicles. To change the plates and registration over you must undergo an out of province inspection. Before the mechanic will conduct the inspection, he needs an out of province request for inspection that you obtain from us. We will need proof of ownership such as the title or bill of sale to be able to print off the form. Once the vehicle has passed both the federal inspection and the provincial inspection, you have 14 days from the date of inspection to get the car insured and registered. Once the inspection is done and you have your Alberta insurance, you will need to bring in the Alberta insurance, the title or Bill of sale, the original green inspection form, Form 1 from customs and the registered owner must be present with their drivers licence.

The Alberta Government recently changed their policy on brand new vehicles coming into Alberta. A brand new vehicle MAY be exempt from the provincial inspection. Please contact us to find out the most up to date information on this exemption.