Wild Rose Registry

Before you can get married in Alberta, you are required to come into the registry office and obtain a marriage licence. A Marriage Licence shows that you meet the requirements to get married in Alberta and gives you the legal right to get married any time within three months from the date the licence was issued. To get a marriage licence in Alberta, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old. If you are younger than 18, you will need legal consent from your parents.
  • You must show acceptable identification such as a birth certificate, passport, treaty status card, Canadian citizenship card or driver's licence.
  • You cannot be related to the person you wish to marry by whole blood, half blood or adoption. For example, you may not marry your grandparent, parent, grandchild, child or sibling.
  • You must be currently unmarried.
  • If you are divorced, you must present proof the divorce is final such as a Certificate of Divorce or a Decree Absolute.
  • You must have your wedding in Alberta, however you do not have to be an Alberta resident to get married in Alberta.
  • You must be free of the influence of drugs and alcohol when you apply for a Marriage Licence (and when you participate in the wedding ceremony).
  • Both parties to the marriage must apply together for their marriage licence.

Additional requirements for special circumstances:

  • Both parties to the marriage must speak English. If they do not, it is their responsibility to provide an interpreter who is over 18 years old and is fluent in both English and the language requiring translation. If the registry agent issuing the Marriage Licence is fluent in the other language, then that registry agent may proceed as the interpreter for issuing the Marriage Licence. The couple applying for a licence cannot translate for each other.
  • If either party is deaf, a sign language interpreter may be required.
  • If either party is mentally challenged and a trustee or guardian has been appointed, proof that their trustee or guardian has been informed of the upcoming marriage is required.
  • Blood tests are not required.

We request that when you come in for the marriage licence, you be here at least 30 minutes prior to close. The marriage licence is printed as soon as the affidavits are signed.