Wild Rose Registry

There are differences between trade names and incorporated names, as well as differences between the resulting entities formed. An incorporated name must contain a legal element, while a trade name or partnership name cannot. Another difference between a business name and an Alberta corporation name is that a corporation name is only granted once.

A difference between a registered corporation and a trade name is that the trade name or partnership is not a distinct legal entity. Therefore, the proprietor(s) or partners are completely responsible for the debts and liabilities of the business.

Please note that there is no requirement under the Partnership Act for a trade/partnership name to be unique - duplicate business names may exist. The registration of a business name does not have any restrictions, nor any right of ownership of the name. The registration of a business name is proof that it is in use by a particular business and provides consumers with information on the identities of the owners of the business names registered in Alberta.

A trade name may only have one owner. You must come in person or email us when you are ready to register the trade name. We will require the paperwork to be filled out, along with a drivers licence.